2012 PLACE Conference Docs

The 2012 TAPPI PLACE Conference was held May 6 – 9, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt Seattle in Seattle, WA. The program offered 64 presentations focusing on the future of flexible packaging, sustainability in flexible packing, machinery and material innovations, and multilayer technology.


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Session 1: Sustainability (Session Chair: Beth M. Foederer, Optex Process Solutions LLC)
  • How to Start a Waste-to-Landfill Reduction Program (George Fickau, Coating Excellence)
  • Sustainability (Product for Purpose) (George Fickau, Coating Excellence)
  • Sustainability Drivers for 2012 and Beyond (Jeffrey J. Wooster, Dow Chemical John Garnett, Dow Chemical)
Session 2: Package Enhancement (Session Chair: James F. Macnamara )
  • Paper-based Packaging: Functional and Sustainable Coating (Islem A. Yezza, PhD, Cascades Inc.)
  • Polymeric Based Packaging Materials for Advanced Food Processing Technologies (Shyam Sablani, Washington State University and Sumeet Dhawan, Washington State University)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices for Manufacturing Food Contact Packaging (Thomas J. Dunn, Flexpacknology LLC)
Session 3: Blown Film Technologies (Moderator: Session Chair: Scott B. Marks, DuPont)
  • Performance Comparison on Water-Quench versus Air Quench Blown Films (Karen Xiao, Brampton Engineering Inc. Robert Armstrong, EVAL Company of America)
  • Coex Blown Film Dies - New Improvements Technical Paper (Steven Daniel Jonjak, Premier Dies Corporation)
  • Latest Developments in On-line Measurement of Complex Barrier Blown Film Structures (Hector E. Marchand, NDC Infrared Engineering)
Session 4:Resin Materials I (Session Chair: Norman D. Aubee, NOVA Chemicals)
  • New HDPE Resins Provide Improvements in Barrier Performance (Mark Heard, Dow Chemical)
  • Antistatic Additive for Packaging (Aldo R. Tavarez, Dupont Packaging & Industrial Polymers)
  • New Low-Density Polyethylene Products for Improved Throughput (Cassie Ariel Cunningham, Dow Chemical USA)
  • Expanding the Temperature Range of Polyolefin Films (Matt Sonnycalb, LyondellBasell Industries Thomas Schwab, LyondellBasell Industries)
Session 5: Winding/Web Handling (Session Chair: Benjamin Prinsen, Macro Engineering & Tech.)
  • Applied Web Handling and Winding Case Studies on Troubleshooting Web and Roll Defects (R. Duane Smith, Davis-Standard Converting Systems)
  • Case Studies in Winder Troubleshooting (Benjamin Prinsen, Macro Engineering & Tech.)
  • Laser Peening Prevents Fatigue and Stress-Related Corrosion Failures (James R. Harrison, Metal Improvement Co.)
  • Improving Performance (Robert Kazimowicz, Complete Winding Solutions Inc.)
Session 6: Resin Materials II (Session Chair: Norman D. Aubee, NOVA Chemicals)
  • Extrusion Coating HDPE Barrier Laminating Film (R. Scott Weber, LyondellBasell)
  • Using Additional Layers in Co-extruded HDPE Films to Enhance Properties (Norman D. Aubee, NOVA Chemicals)
  • A New High Clarity Peel Seal Resin (Sharon Wu, Dow Chemical Lamy Jean Chopin, III, Dow Chemical USA Rajen Patel, Dow Chemical)
  • Polymer Modifiers in Flexible Packaging (Jose M. Torradas, DuPont Packaging)
Session 7: Machinery Utilization (Session Chair: Michael Cunningham, Extrusion Dies Industries LLC)
  • Slot Die Coating Technology (Mark Miller, Coating Tech Service, LLC)
  • Extrusion Lamination - Is it for me? (Andrew W. Christie, Optex Process Solutions LLC)

Session 8- Lunch Keynote

Session 9: Sustainability Materials Improvements (Session Chair: Jose M. Torradas, DuPont Packaging)
  • Wood-based Hemicelluloses for Packaging Materials (Mika O. Vaha-Nissi, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ali J. Harlin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Jonas Hartman, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Sari Hyvärinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Kristiina Poppius-Levlin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Harri Setälä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Jenni Sievänen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Riku Talja, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • Polymers from kraft pulping spent liquor (Mika O. Vaha-Nissi, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ali J. Harlin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Tuomas Mehtiö, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Klaus Niemelä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Jarmo Ropponen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • The Design of Environment-friendly High-Performance Polymer (Kunihiko Kobayashi, JSR Corporation)
  • Enhancing Plastic Recycle Stream Performance (Didem Deliormanli, Dow Chemical USA Laura Weaver, Dow Chemical USA Marcos Franca, Dow Chemical USA Sarah Valle, Dow Chemical USA)
Session 10: Multilayer Technology (Session Chair: Thomas J. Dunn, Flexpacknology LLC)
  • Micro-layer Coextrusion Methods and Applications (Gary D. Oliver, Extrusion Dies Industries LLC)
  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Micro/Nano-Layer Coextrusion (Patrick Lee, Dow Chemical USA Joseph Dooley, The Dow Chemical Company)
  • Nanolayer Film Structures with Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Resins (Eugene D. Medlock, Kuraray America)
  • Sub-micron coextrusion technology and application examples (Olivier Catherine, Cloeren Incorporated)
Session 11: Resin Materials-Seals (Session Chair: Rob Hammond, Mica Corporation)
  • Evaluation of Sealants for High-Temperature Packaging Applications (Daniel R. Ward, NOVA Chemicals John L. Bayley, NOVA Chemicals)
  • Insuring Broad Operating Window and Seal Integrity (Mustafa Bilgen, Dow Chemical USA Ayush Bafna, Dow Chemical USA John Garnett, Dow Chemical USA Rajen Patel, Dow Chemical USA Jozef Van Dun, Dow Chemical USA)
  • Influence of Processing Parameters on Peel Seal Performance (Lamy Jean Chopin, III, Dow Chemical USA)
  • Use of Modeling to Speed Packaging Development (Barry A. Morris, DuPont Pkg. & Ind. Polymers)
Session 12: Adhesion/Surface Enhancement (Session Chair: Kelly R. Frey, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP)
  • Optimizing Time in the Air Gap in Extrusion Coating for Improved Adhesion (Kelly R. Frey, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP)
  • Extrusion-coated Sealing Layers on ALD-Al2O3 Coated Polymer Substrate: Interfacial and Adhesion Properties (Kimmo Lahtinen, Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology David Cameron, Lappeenranta University of Technology Petri Johansson, Tampere University of Technology Tommi Kaariainen, Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology)
  • Direct Bonding in Extrusion Lamination-A Review of Typical Situations, From Easy Cases to Most Difficult Ones (Fabrice Chopinez, ARKEMA)
  • Improving PLA Adhesion Using Primers (Bruce W. Foster, Mica Corporation)
Session 13: Sheet Extrusion (Session Chair: Derek M. Ford, SML Extrusion Technology)

Session 14: Machinery Improvements (Session Chair: Aldo R. Tavarez, Dupont Packaging & Industrial Polymers)

  • Nanoscale Surface Processing of Extrusion Coated Substrates and Plastic Films with Atmospheric Plasma Activation and Deposition (Johanna Lahti, Tampere University of Technology Juho Lavonen, TUT)
  • Effects of Cumulative Surface Treatment on VacuumDeposited Coating Adhesion (Rory Wolf, Enercon Industries)
  • Optimizing Barrier Properties Achieved by Dispersion Coating (Martti Toivakka, Abo Akademi University Roger C. Bollstrom, ABO Akademi University Roger Nyqvist, Abo Akademi University Janet S. Preston, IMERYS Minerals Ltd. Pekka J. Salminen, Styron Europe GmbH )

Session 15: Adhesive/Primer Sustainability (Session Chair: Prabhat R. Mishra, PZ Cussons (International) Limited)

  • Water Based Primers for Enhancing Oxygen Barrier and Metal Adhesion on Film Substrates (Ginger Cushing, Michelman Inc.)
  • Sustainable Adhesive Technologies for the Packaging Industry (Hermann K. Onusseit, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA)
  • New Solvent-free Laminating Adhesive for Reducing/ Eliminating Water-Base Ink Decal (Randy A. Johnson, Ashland Performance Materials)

Session 16: Utilizing Environmentally Friendly Materials (Session Chair: Warren Durling, Clorox Services Company)

  • Renewable Xylan-based Barrier Coating for Packaging (Håkan Grubb, Xylophane AB Lisa Bindgård, Xylophane AB Maria Gröndahl, Xylophane AB)
  • Papermatch – Imparting the Look, Feel, and Performance of Paper in Traditional Film Structures (Chris Kerscher, A. Schulman
  • Inline-coating and metalizing as a way to improve barrier and reduce carbon footprint (Veronica Ataya, Celplast Metallized Products Dante F. Ferrari, Celplast Metallized Prod. Ltd.)


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